Top 3 Trends in Kitchen Renovations Today

Top 3 Trends in Kitchen Renovations Today

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Find Out What Builders in Cornwall Are Constructing For Their Clientele

Ever since the incredible expansion of home renovation and decoration shows, builders in Cornwall are increasingly being asked to perform kitchen renovations which are designed to impress their clients and be fully functional for many years to come.

It is safe to say that while some homeowners prefer the more traditional style of kitchen renovations, others want what’ is fresh and hot off the interior design industry’s most coveted lauded magazines. It’s a good thing builders in Cornwall with over 30 years of experience in the construction business can easily make this magic happenwork their magic on your home!

So what exactly are the hottest kitchen renovations trends of the year? Read on to find out!

Minimalist and Open-Air Shelving Units

There is a trend in the design industry today which is seeing a diminishment in the number of upper cabinets in a kitchen resulting in an airy, more open-concept look. Of course, this is advisable only if less pantry space suits your needs. Additionally, open-air shelves which showcase beautiful jars and colourful containers are huge right now… perhaps inspired by the tiny-house movement?

Luckily, your builders in Cornwall have installed a countless variety of shelves in their career, and are the trusted professionals you can rely on for your kitchen shelving needs.

Kitchen Features That Feel Like Furniture

Gone are the days where kitchen renovations had to sacrifice function for form: today, builders in Cornwall can install cabinets or work-stations which are as beautiful as they are practical. Luxurious woods, textured granite or rich metals—all can all work in concert to create a kitchen where the whole family will love to spend their time as much as in any other room in the house.

Trendy Wall-Paper Treatment

This is definitely not your 1990s wall-paper! A quick look on the market today will likely prove to you how interesting and fashionable today’s wall-paper offering can be, and why designers are increasingly looking to this material as a way to spruce up their clients’ kitchen renovations.

From luscious flowers to striking stripes, using wall-paper is such an easy way to bring colour to the simplest of colour palettes.

A kitchen worthy of its own television appearance is not only easily affordable but should also be made to last and be capable of withstanding the most intense bake-off ever. Thankfully, builders in Cornwall can rely on their years of experience in providing their clients incredible value no matter which room in the house needs renovations—so you can finally get ready for your kitchen close-up!

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