Preparing for Kitchen Renovations

Preparing for Kitchen Renovations

kitchen renovations

Use These Easy Tips to Make Your Home Renovations a Smooth Process

Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and this is especially true for your kitchen. You may dream of sparkling counter tops, a sizeable island for entertaining guests as you cook, and shiny new appliances, but remember that the work involved in a kitchen renovation can displace you and your family from one of your favourite rooms in the house. Use these helpful tips to make the process much more painless:

Create a Temporary Area

Whether it’s a corner of your living room or section in the basement, find an area of the house that you can turn into a stand-in kitchen during your renovation because, realistically, you can’t eat out every night. You’ll need an area that has room for essentials (such as the coffee maker) and enough space to prep meals.

Pack and Purge

Now’s the time to look at your kitchen tools and choose the items you really need. If you haven’t touched something in years, it may be time to let it go. But for items you use only a few times a month, pack them away for the duration of your kitchen renovation. Yes, waffles are fantastic, but if you only make them for special Sunday mornings, you may as well do yourself a favour and pack away the waffle iron—just for now.

Opt for Simple Meals

Try preparing meals you can make entirely in the microwave, or even food that doesn’t require cooking at all, like sandwiches. Look at your smallest appliances and plan your meals around them until your kitchen renovation is complete—think mini fridge and toaster oven. Opt for non-perishable foods such as crackers, condiments, dried fruits, and nuts. And remember, even apples, oranges, and bananas can survive for a while non-refrigerated.

Stick to Disposables

Washing up after dinner might become quite the task while your home renovations are underway. Do yourself a favour and stock up on disposable napkins, plates, cups, and utensils. To lessen your environmental impact, stick to biodegradable products that can go right in the green bin—food scraps and all.


You can cook any meal on the grill. Don’t believe us? Check it out on Pinterest or Google. Breakfast to dessert, veggies to sweets. You may enjoy it so much that you continue to use your grill even after the kitchen renovation is complete.

Take a Vacation

What better excuse to leave town than not having access to one of the key parts of your home? Use your kitchen renovation, or any home renovation, as a reason to take off.

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