New Homes in Cornwall

What we do is simple: We build quality new homes in Cornwall and the surrounding areas. Not only do we specialize in quality new home construction, we create extremely personalized experiences that address the unique needs and preferences of each individual. Will you be living by yourself or sharing your home with other individuals? How big will your garage need in order to accommodate your vehicles? Are you a fan of luxurious design or would you prefer your home to be functional above all else? Would you like a relaxing patio area? These are only some of the questions that your new home in Cornwall will answer.

Go Green with Energy Efficient Homes

New Homes in Cornwall with Green EnergyWhy not be kind to the environment and save money while you’re at it? All our new homes in Cornwall are built with the environment in mind. Our new home construction minimizes wasteful energy consumption by helping you save money on utility bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What are the characteristics of an energy efficient home?

  • Professional Insulation for Walls, Ceilings, Roofs and Chimneys
  • Energy Efficient Windows, Skylights and Doors
  • Quality Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Energy-Saving Lighting

Custom Homes

New Home Construction in Cornwall

You’ve shopped around different real estate development companies in the city and none of the model homes you’ve seen really impress you. There’s something missing, but you’re not sure exactly what it is. Then you realize you want something special and unique that model homes can’t offer. With a custom home, you have the ability to be very hands on and articulate exactly how you want your home to be built.

We work closely with all our clients to ensure that the process goes smoothly from start to finish. It’s not just about building a gorgeous home inside and out, but also getting to know you as a homeowner as this will be reflected in your house. Once we get a firm grasp on what you envision for your dream home, we will begin working on a unique blue print design with your preferences in mind.

Model Homes (Coming Soon!)

We are currently working with only the best designers and architects on creating blueprints for a beautiful selection of Tridian model homes. Our goal is to build homes that are different in size and design (architectural and aesthetic) to address the varying needs and preferences of our clients.

Enjoy the Tridian Advantage

While all the new homes that we build are different for each of our clients, they do share some commonalities: beautiful, sturdily built, and affordable. Our contractors have years of experience in new home construction and renovation/remodelling projects under their belts. To discover exactly how build our new homes in Cornwall, contact us today.

For more details, don’t be afraid to give us a call!