Making a Splash with Bathroom Renovations

Making a Splash with Bathroom Renovations

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Let General Contractors Create the Bathroom of Your Dreams

The bathroom—you might not think about it much, but it truly is an essential space in your home. From getting ready for the first day of a new job to teaching your kids how to brush their teeth, this room sees a lot of traffic every day, and serves a number of purposes. So why not give it some love? Bathroom renovations are a popular way to take your bathroom to a new level, from energy-efficient fixtures to luxuries that increase its comfort and appeal. General contractors can make your bathroom one of your favourite rooms—and here’s how:

Out with the Old—In with the New

Just because you bought the house with those fixtures, doesn’t mean they need to stay. A great place to start your bathroom renovations is by removing old, out-dated, or inefficient fixtures such as taps, lights, and hangers. Try installing gorgeous new lighting that not only brightens the space, but makes it appear larger and more inviting too. Or how about replacing clunky taps and faucets with stylishly-designed models—better yet if they work more smoothly than the old ones! And while we’re at it…

New Bath/Shower

No, you do not have to be stuck with that ugly, all-too-common ceramic tub that literally every house comes with. General contractors can outfit your bathroom with something much more you—whether it’s a spacious standing shower with glass doors, a classic claw-foot tub, or even a spacious jet-stream bath for nothing more than the sake of luxury.

Paints and Tiles

Now is a perfect opportunity to give your bathroom walls and floors a new lease on life. We all know the colours of a wall can dramatically affect the feeling of the space, so why not work this into your design to create a feeling of tranquility or warmth? From gentle violent and sky blue to sultry burnt orange or masala, the feeling you want to create is in your hands. Throw in some new tiles that complement the walls during your renovations to complete the make-over.

Smart Storage

There are those who swear up and down that there are only two kinds of design—practical and functional, or aesthetically, cosmetically pleasing. When it comes to your bathroom storage, we’re putting our feet down—you don’t have to settle for one or the other! Have your general contractors install custom shelving, cupboards, or other storage that is smart on space and pleasing to the eye. After all, you won’t just be using it; it’ll be a part of your view, too.

Bathroom renovations are a new lease on this versatile space in your home, so the most important thing you can do is follow your heart, and make a splash!

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