Builders’ Guide to Land Plots

Builders’ Guide to Land Plots

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Construction Companies Offer Advice on Finding the Perfect Spot to Build a Home

For would-be home builders, the goal is not to find the perfect house, but instead to make it perfect by virtue of design and execution. That’s not to say that there’s not still an element of search involved—after all, you can’t just build a home without having land to put it on. Before you start drawing up plans or shopping around for construction companies, you need a plot of land, and finding one that works can be tricky—which is why we’ve assembled these tips to help you in your search.

Always Have an Open Mind

It’s easy to get tunnel vision about what you want, to the point that you miss out on a great opportunity that rests just outside of your narrowed-down ideal. For this reason, it’s important not to get too married to an idea before you actually find a suitable plot. Of course, there will always be details you won’t want to compromise on (for example, a plot close to a school for a family with children), and you should stay devout on these things. But it’s important to separate want from need, and to look not for what a strict idea of perfection, but for the potential. After all, a plot might just surprise you!

Do Your Homework

Your first resource in studying the area a plot resides in is Google Maps—but that should by no means be a builder’s only resource! Begin by looking online at the surrounding area. Location is incredibly important and could determine not only the resale value of the land, but also your satisfaction with it. Take the time to study the area and visit it on foot if possible. Is it in the kind of area or community you want to live in? Is there road access? Is it quiet? Are there basic amenities like groceries and pharmacies in the area?

You’ll also need to look into other issues such as zoning (what can construction companies build on this land?), future planning (are there, to your knowledge, plans to install a noisy highway ramp in the area?), community regulations, whether the land is on a flood plain, and how easy it will be set up utilities.

Getting a Permit

Before you call a construction company, you will need a permit to build. This is unavoidable. So as much as is humanly possible, try to ensure that you will, in fact, be able to get a permit before buying the land, or all will be naught. And depending where you’re building, you’ll need varying permits, for everything from installing plumbing and gas lines to electrical hook-ups and waste disposal. Builders are governed by this process, so be ready to pass through many hurdles between now and living in your perfect home. But the truth is, it’s well worth it to have a home that’s truly yours.

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