Best Bathroom Renovations for Your Home

Best Bathroom Renovations for Your Home

Bathroom Renovations Cornwall

These are the Bathroom Renovations Cornwall Homeowners Should Seriously Consider

Who doesn’t love the idea of a new bathroom? Since it’s one of the most important and high-traffic areas in your home, bathroom renovations are a popular modification to people’s living space. However, some renovations are smarter investments than others: ones that equally favour functionality, accessibility, and aesthetic quality tend to add the most value to your bathroom, both for usability and resale. Here are some of the top bathroom renovations Cornwall homeowners should be considering:

New Fixtures

Does your bathroom have a leaky or rusty faucet? Apart from being a major drain on your water bill, an old, dysfunctional faucet can be an eyesore and an annoyance. Why not replace it with something new? You have your choices, ranging from old-fashioned and ornate to sleek and modern, depending on the design aesthetic that you’re going for. While you’re at it, a new shower head is a great investment—not only will more settings mean greater comfort, but many new shower heads use less water to deliver the same pressure as their older, less efficient ancestors.


Bathroom renovations should always include clever storage solutions, especially when working with smaller spaces. Attractive and simple shelving or cabinetry can add convenience and style to your project.

Vents and Lights

Of all the bathroom renovations Cornwall homeowners can do, ventilation may be one of the most important. Proper ventilation will help keep the air clean and humidity down when you take your long, hot showers in the mornings, and reduce the risk of mold or water damage to the walls. Good lighting is also important—if you’re dissatisfied with your current light fixtures, a change of lighting can really brighten up your new bathroom.


An accessible bathroom can have value, even to homeowners without mobility-related disabilities. These kinds of bathroom renovations not only add resale value, but they also increase the pool of potential buyers if you do put your home on the market. You will also be prepared if ever you find yourself hosting a guest with limited mobility. The biggest benefit? One of the most basic accessibility-related renovations is simply installing a curbless shower. If you already have a standing shower or intend to install one, this simple modification makes accessibility a breeze.


Even if it doesn’t add anything to the functionality of the bathroom, aesthetics should not be overlooked. A colour scheme or design style that ties everything together can make your bathroom a truly beautiful part of your home, and you can tie your fixtures and lighting into the overall style. When performing bathroom renovations in Cornwall, don’t neglect the aesthetics.

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