Basement Renovations That Add Fun and Value

Basement Renovations That Add Fun and Value

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These Home Renovation Tips Turn Your Unfinished Basement into a Fun and Functional Space

Basement renovations are some of the most popular home renovations around—and they also have the most potential! Whether your home came with an unfinished basement, or if the basement was already functional, the space under your home is a blank canvas for you to use however you wish! Think about it—you can renovate a kitchen or a bathroom, but at the end, they’re still what they started out as. A basement is extra space (case in point: how many of your friends just use theirs for storage?), waiting for you to decide how it would be best utilized. Stumped? Here are some great ideas for homeowners and families of all sizes!

The Multi-Media Room

You know you want it. The extra-big HD screen or projector. The speakers. The comfy chairs. Whether you’re a big movie buff with hundreds of Blu-Rays, or you love playing your favourite first-person shooter or RPG in the most immersive way possible, or if you just want the best listening experience for that collection of vinyl albums you never gave up on, here’s the perfect basement renovation for you. Being in the basement, you won’t be as likely to disturb the neighbours! Just make sure you have sufficient lighting installed—a big screen in a dark room is bad for the eyes—and that you have comfortable ways to sit. For bonus points, consider a “sofa pit” (great for parties) and sound-proofing insulation.

Music Room

While we’re on the subject of soundproofing, if there’s a musician in your family, a music practice room is a great home renovation. It makes a great part of larger basement renovations, since it won’t take up too much space (unless you have a whole band!) and it’ll let that aspiring tuba player in your family practice all they need without disturbing the whole home.


Want to increase the living space in your home? Adding new bedrooms make for convenient home renovations! When building a new bedroom in your basement, consider the following: how much light is the space getting, and how much additional light will it need? Is the space properly ventilated and heated? Is the wiring done properly? These are especially big issues when you start with an unfinished basement, so watch out.

Recreation Room

Who doesn’t dream of having a pool table in their basement? Make your dreams a reality, creating a space where you, your family, and your guests can enjoy themselves. The pool table is a necessity, but don’t stop there. Air hockey, space for board games or poker night, a home bar, and more can all add to the fun. If you have the budget, why not a retro pinball or arcade machine? For your kids, of course…

Bonus Tip

You don’t have to stick to just one of these ideas! Your basement renovations are yours alone to design, so have fun with it. For extra fun, considering merging a multi-media room with a rec room, especially if you love hosting friends.

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