Basement Renovations: Creating an Apartment

Basement Renovations: Creating an Apartment

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This Popular Home Renovation Project Is a Great Way to Add Value to Your Home

Is your basement just sitting there beneath your home, giving you nothing but a place to store things you don’t have much use for and to do laundry in? Plenty of homeowners opt to turn this space into an apartment. This popular basement renovation serves many functions: for some, it’s a space that they can rent out to supplement their income; for others, it’s a chance to give their retired parents or college-age children a bit of independence while still keeping them close by. Whatever your reason may be, this home renovation can be a smart move when done right. Here are some things to consider:

Up to Code

Before you can begin work, you must ensure that your basement meets the legal requirements of your city and province. There are specific rules that govern the building of basement dwellings—too many to list here—and you need to take the time to either go down the list yourself, or have a professional perform an inspection. Certain elements may not be up to code, but you’ll be able to change that during your basement renovations. It’s vital that the basement has its own exit, especially for emergencies. If yours doesn’t already, you will have to build one.

Basic Amenities

Having a kitchen and bathroom in your new basement unit may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s not enough to simply install some new plumbing and fixtures and call it a day. Even if you’re limited for space, an open and practical kitchenette is a major asset, and on its own can increase the rental value. Consider shelves that maximize storage in the space you have, tile floors, and new, modern appliances. For a small bathroom, a standing shower can be an attractive and bold way to save space. Even without much floor space, your home renovations can take your basement to the next level.

Let There Be Light

If you’ve ever lived in a basement apartment yourself, then you know that they’re notoriously poorly-lit. Stand out from the crowd and create an exceptionally comfortable space by making sure that your new basement unit doesn’t fall into this trap itself. Use as much window space as you can, using window wells strategically whenever possible, and supplement the natural light with overhead lights. If you space these lights the right way, then even on dim and overcast days, your basement will feel warm and inviting.

Make It Cozy

Aside from being a safe, well-lit, and functional space, it pays to make your basement into a place that someone would be glad to call home! Access to onsite laundry machines, a warm colour scheme, a special section of the garden—these are just a few elements that could make a big difference!
Performing basement renovations—whether to create a rental space or give family members a place to stay—is about creating a space that is functional and livable. If you’re ready to begin, call the home renovation experts today!

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