5 Great Home Additions

5 Great Home Additions

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A Few of the Most Popular Additions General Contractors Can Build for You

When homeowners are unhappy with their neighbourhood, they move. When they’re unhappy with the aesthetics, they renovate. But what can you do when you’re happy with everything but the amount of space you have? For those homeowners brave enough to take on such a project, home additions are a great way to turn your home from “good enough” to “everything I ever wanted.” With the help of general contractors, you can increase your floor space, add whole new rooms, and even turn a single-storey home into a two-storey one! Here are some of the most popular additions:

The Bump Out

Popular for small kitchens or bathrooms (but certainly not exclusive to these rooms), the bump out is perfect for anyone who loves a room just the way it is, but simply wishes there was more of it. By pushing out a wall (or walls) and building up more floor space, you can increase the space you have while maintaining its current look and function. Perfect for some extra kitchen space, a bigger den, or turning that half-bath into the real deal.


Whether it’s building a new garage or making room for another car (or a workstation) in your current one, garages make for popular home additions, especially today when many married couples have their own individual vehicles. Some people even like to add a second storey onto their garage and use it as a storage space, a bedroom, or even an apartment for their adult children.

New Rooms

A new bedroom or den, a second bathroom, a home office—with experienced general contractors on your side, the possibilities are endless. The trick to adding a whole new room to your home is making it match seamlessly to the existing structure, inside and out.

In-Law Suites

Adding an in-law suite is kind of like affixing an entire apartment to your original house, including a bathroom, kitchenette, and more. Many homeowners with retired parents favour this addition because it allows them to keep their family close while still affording them a certain level of independence.


Canada is known for its cold winters, making sunrooms a popular add-on. Imagine having a patio enclosed by large, floor-to-ceiling windows, where you can lounge in the sun during any time of year, without having to worry about the cold? Simply build a sunroom on the side of your home—or sides, if you can—that receive the most sunlight, and soak up those rays!

When you work with experienced and qualified general contractors, the possibilities for home additions are endless!

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