4 Considerations for Home Additions

4 Considerations for Home Additions

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Plan Ahead before You Call the Home Builders for a Successful Addition

You love your home. It’s a place where you’ve made memories, celebrated milestones, lived, laughed, loved, and grown. You’re also attached to the neighbourhood your house is in. It’s been home to you for a long time, and you know it like an old friend. There’s just one problem—your house is no longer big enough. You and your family need more space, and you’re considering performing home additions to accommodate this need. But before you go calling on home builders asking them to add new rooms to your house, there are a few things you need to consider:

Flow and Function

Your home has a flow to it, and each room ideally has a function. Before you add to your home, ask yourself, what kind of function will the new space be used for, and how will it alter the flow of the house as a whole? This is one of the deciding factors in where you will position the new addition, along with…

Limitations and Constraints

Most home additions have a lot of challenges to work around – the amount of yard space you have, landscaping, and even the house itself. Does the spot where you want to add on to your home require you to tear down a loadbearing wall? Would you have to remove and reinstall an interlocking stone patio? These are all things to address before you begin.

Legal Restrictions

Every region has its own laws and regulations that govern the process of any home modification, and there are certain channels to go through. Look into your town or city’s regulations and zoning ordinances before you begin, and make sure to go with reputable home builders who will construct your addition up to code.

Heating, Cooling, and Power

You won’t just be building a new section in your home, and then leaving it alone. It will need heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, and electricity all year round. You can count on your home builders to wire up the new space and provide it with ducts and vents, but does your current HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system has the power to support the extra space? And if you’re in an older home, make sure to carefully consider what the electrical system can handle, and what can be done to make sure it meets your new requirements.

Your home is yours to grow in, and with a good plan and the right contractors, it can grow with you! Be sure to keep these considerations in mind while planning any home additions, and you’ll be golden.

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